Building Relationships, One Job At A Time





From Kaye and Marc Linden in Gainesville

My husband and I have renovated four houses. This was our fifth. We have never had such a smooth experience as we had with EG Gonzales and his son, Eric. Each one of them and each one of their team of carpenters etc. is a gentleman and follows up immediately if needed. I never had to make a phone call twice.See more.

Their work is high quality and way above average. Their price is reasonable and their work and their communication is worth every cent. My husband and I both felt as if we were working together with family. They still are our friends and come by to say hello and check up on things. Again, we would give them the highest recommendations for every aspect of the building process. Theirs is a superior company.

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From Warren & Barbara Larson

My wife and I started our search for a retirement home in a new part of the country and found the lovely Town of Tioga in Gainesville, Florida. We were relocating from North Carolina and wanted a college town with great medical facilities and all the activities that a large university could provide. See more.

Our next big decision was to build or purchase a resale. To help with this decision we attended several of the spring "parade of homes" in the area. It was there that we met E. G. Gonzalez. Our realtor, Tioga Realty, introduced him to us and we found the man to be as wonderful as his homes. We had walked through so many homes over the years that our feet were screaming at us but this was a major decision and we wanted to get it right. We can proudly say that our time was very well spent. Our decision to build and work with E. G. Gonzalez was the right one!

He and his son Eric are now part of our extended family. Anyone who has built a house knows that it is not easy and we were doing it from another state. Their patience, communication, knowledge/skill, follow- up and strong desire to please the customer made this a magical experience. Under their guidance a team of people was formed that included Tioga Realty, Interior Associates of Gainesville and Setzer's Appliance, who all worked with us to make our new home a reality. We would make sporadic trips to see our home being built and E.G. would have meetings arranged with our "team members". Our time was used very efficiently and the building process proceeded without a hitch. As the young folks say "this was awesome".

We are now in our new home, nicknamed the Manor by the team. It is truly a dream come true! The construction was done on time and with little stress on our part. My wife and I enjoyed the experience and love to look around the house to see the craftsmanship and attention to detail that E.G. Custom Homes is famous for throughout the Gainesville community.

As we took ownership of the "Manor" our realtor turned to E.G., Eric, my wife and I to say that "In all her years of experience this was one of the best construction projects she has ever experienced. Everyone got along, people listened to each other, schedules were met, decisions were made and the customer listened to the advice of the people in the various specialized trades. What a team we had". My wife and I could not have done this by ourselves and we are so glad to be part of this ongoing winning "Team"!

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From Sally Glaeser & David Wymer

We first worked with E. G. Gonzalez Custom Homes in 2001, when we were moving from Virginia to Gainesville. E. G. worked with us long distance, called and sent digital pictures every day, and had the house ready for us to move in to the day we arrived. We have since used them to remodel another home, and build yet another home which we live in at present. E. G. and his son, Eric, are always available, easy to work with, always return calls, get things done on time, do extremely high quality work and work within the predetermined budget.See more.

Every detail is taken care of and Eric and E. G. personally supervise every aspect of the work. They only use the very best subcontractors and building materials. The homes are energy efficient and utilize the very latest in energy saving technology. Another remarkable thing about them is that if anything goes wrong, even several years after the house is completed, they come out and immediately fix the problem. We have been in our home for four years and love it. We have done several small projects around the house since moving in and Eric either takes care of the projects or is able to direct us to the best people for that particular project. I cannot imagine ever building a home with anyone but them and my husband and I recommend them without reservation. They make the process of building a pleasure.

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